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Tommy’s Heart Tap

October 20, 2013

A gift for you, if you’re not trained in Reiki (yet).  Originally published in the Community Leader from Falmouth, Maine in 2006.

Tommy’s Heart Tap – Pain Relief at your Fingertips

               Working late at the office one day, in my former career, I wandered by my friend Tom Hopkins’ cubicle and found him also working late.

“How are you doing, Tommy?”  I asked him.

“Oh, man, not so good – my teeth are killing me!”  He held his jaw with one hand and keyed his computer with the other.  “Can you do that Reiki thing on them?”

If I did Reiki for him, that would help for a while, but what if the pain returned later?  I wanted to give him something he could use to help himself.  I had been using Reiki instead of novacaine at the dentist for a couple of years, and had been amazed and gratified by my heart’s ability to bathe my teeth in loving warmth while they were being drilled (many thanks to Dr. Alex Hutcheon in Yarmouth for letting me experiment with this – he is a kind and gentle dentist who does not like to see his patients in pain).   No time to teach Reiki right now, but what if – ?

“Tommy, try this as an experiment.  Just tap with your fingertips over your heart, right on your sternum.  While you’re tapping, ask your heart to give you relief from the pain.  Ask your heart, out loud, as if it’s a separate person, to do this for you.  Keep tapping and asking, and I’ll come back around in a little while to see how you’re doing.”

I left Tommy tapping his heart, went upstairs to file some paperwork, then swung by his desk as promised.

“That was amazing!” he said as soon as he saw me.  “After I tapped for a while, I could feel my heart beating in my teeth, and then after that, the pain went away completely.”

I stared at him, stunned.  I had thought he might a get a little relief, but to have the pain go away completely, that was indeed amazing.

Thus was born Tommy’s Heart Tap, a simple, straightforward technique to relieve your own pain.  Tommy used it some weeks later to help with shoulder pain.  Another friend at the office went to her dentist appointment, tried it there, and told me afterwards, “that was amazing!”.

We all have pain from time to time.  Many of us have chronic physical or emotional pain.  We try to relieve our pain any way we can, whether with traditional medical approaches, exercise, meditation, legal or illegal drugs, alcohol, even lashing out to give our pain to others.  Some approaches work better than others, some are counter-productive.  Tommy’s Heart Tap is quick and simple, and it’s worth a try before you use more risky methods.

Here are the instructions.  Do this in a spirit of exploration and curiosity – everyone’s experience will be different.  Caution:  if you’re under a doctor’s care, follow his/her instructions.  If you have unexplained pain, you need to see your doctor.  Tommy’s Heart Tap does not replace qualified medical care.  You use Tommy’s Heart Tap at your own risk.

  1. Make sure you’re not driving, operating hazardous machinery, or otherwise distracted.  This is the time to focus totally on yourself and your own well-being.
  2. Decide what you are going to ask for, specifically.  Example:  “I ask my heart for relief of my knee pain.”
  3. Say it out loud, while gently tapping over your heart.  If you don’t want others to hear, just whisper your request.  If you have physical limits that prevent you from tapping, just imagine it.
  4. Keep tapping and asking.
  5. If nothing happens after a few minutes, then say “oh, well”, and chalk it up to experience.  If something good happens, enjoy the wonderment of it, then remember to thank your heart for its miraculous help.  Gratitude increases our daily gifts.

Let me know what happens, whether it’s something or nothing.   Are you skeptical?  Try it anyway, if only to show yourself it won’t work and have the pleasure of telling me so.

I thank Tommy Hopkins from the bottom of my heart – it was his timely request that brought the heart tap into being.  It is a divine Gift to all of us – our heart’s wisdom.


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