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Reiki practice quadrupled in a decade? Maybe more!

October 28, 2013

When I first started to actively market my Reiki practice, 11 years ago, maybe 1 in 20 – 30 people had even heard of it.  Now, most people I meet at least know of someone who does, and likely has a relative or family member who has learned it.

Back then, I joined a great online community — the Reiki Cafe, people all over the world sharing their experiences, questions and opinions.  We were very excited when the number of members reached 7,000.  Now, Pamela Miles’ Facebook page “Reiki, Medicine and Self-Care” has 38,000-plus followers, while the “Reiki” page has 24,000.

If you did a Google search on “Reiki” back then, you’d get a little over a million hits — pretty respectable.  Now, it’s over 37 million.

Mrs. Takata, the teacher who brought Reiki to the West, had a vision that it would become “as common as aspirin”.  I used to predict it would become a household word like yoga was becoming early in the last decade.  It appears we were both right.

What accounts for the incredible growth of this healing art?

Here are my speculations:

– It is quick and low-cost to learn.

– It helps people feel better, sometimes profoundly.

– To learn to teach it to others, is relatively quick and low-cost, compared to other healing modalities.

– In medical settings, it has no known contraindications.

– You can do self-treatment as easily as treating others.

– In a touch-starved world, it gives a way to receive gentle hands-on comfort, without hidden agendas.

– It does not require any complex or dogmatic belief system, to practice.

– Anyone can do it, from children to frail elders, from athletes to wheelchair-bound or bed-restricted.

These are all powerful reasons for Reiki’s continued popularity and explosive growth.

If I had to pick one that matters the most, both for its growth, and as a reason for learning Reiki, I would have to say the self-treatment ability.  I spend a lot of time and words, teaching and promoting Reiki self-treatment.  It is the core of the practice.  You take time out, every day, to put your hands gently on yourself, and simply take care of yourself.  That, all by itself, is a powerful example to set for yourself and others.  More on self-treatment in future posts.

Now, I can see this has become a rah-rah “it’s all good” kind of puff piece.  And there is a lot to rah-rah about.  One future musing may have to do with “why is Reiki practice coming to the fore now?”.  On the other side, I may also write about some of the challenges that come with its popularity, such as permission issues, extravagant claims, and opposition to Reiki from various quarters.

But for now, I’ll just pause and contemplate the above, and take heart.


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