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Reiki self-treatment – post 1: empathic struggles

November 11, 2013

More and more these days, students are coming to beginning Reiki classes already aware of their highly empathic and intuitive natures.  They have been struggling for a long time, because their extreme sensitivity to the moods and wounds of other people makes it hard for them to be in large groups.  They never go shopping at the mall — too much information comes at them from all directions.

When empaths arrive in Reiki class, they are looking for ways of relieving that stress.  Often, they ask me about spiritual protection, against negative energies.

First, I refer them to Master Duan — “there is no such thing as ‘ill’ energy”.  To believe that is a bit of a stretch for most of us, but the man who said it had lived 96 vigorous and healthy years, so it’s worth wondering why he held that view.

When students look doubtful at that pronouncement, I say something like, “but if you’re worried about it, then regular, daily Reiki self-treatment is your best defense.”  Don’t go for elaborate schemes of spiritual protection.  Just make yourself stronger.

When highly empathic people learn Reiki and start doing self-treatment, they create an anchor in their lives.  Before, much of their time was spent being concerned about others’ feelings and intentions, leaving them little time to honor their own feelings and intentions.  Daily self-treatment creates a powerful habit of self-care.  It feels good, leads to improvements that the practitioner can validate for herself, and carves out time, from her busy schedule of doing for others, to be completely concerned with her own wellbeing.  The simple act of putting hands gently on her head, her heart, her belly, and feeling the improvement in calm and balance, over time makes her aware of those inner gifts that help her balance others’ demands on her time and energy.  Day by day, step by step, she finds she can face what used to overwhelm her.

There are so many ways that self-treatment improves our lives.  Future posts will explore some of these.


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