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Web of Healing Friends 1

November 20, 2013

  Dede Eaton and I, getting ready to draw the winning raffle ticket for a massage table, for an EldersBloom fundraising.

Many are the teachers, students, healers and friends I have encountered in my elder journey.  This is the first of many posts to honor those relationships in the Web of Life.  I encourage you to look further into the work of any of these people who strike a chord within you.  They’ll be featured in random order, and many in my web may well remain hidden, their magick being done in the quiet, dark places, preparing for the sun to rise as it does every morning.

Let me honor my Reiki Teacher, Lindsley Field.  Twelve and half years ago, I attended my first class with her.  It was truly an opening experience — eyes, heart and soul.  I traveled through the levels of training with her, as she “danced along beside” until I got the rhythm.  Today, with her husband John, she makes frequent trips to Vietnam, for healing of veterans on both sides.  I am eternally grateful to Lindsley, for her skill and joy as she held the space for me to find my healing.

Next, Dede Eaton, humble nurturer of the healing community in Southern Maine and beyond.  I met her when The Magick Closet was a physical store; taught and treated in her space, and have exhibited at her masterfully organized Enlightenment Expo, the go-to metaphysical healing fair in Portland, twice a year.  Dede is very learned about crystals, and practices the lovely peace-giving modality of Primus Activation Healing.  She truly cares deeply about each one of us, and acts with soulful clarity, from the heart. 

One more for today!  Tricia Santi, with a lifetime of experience in counseling and teaching, with gentle wisdom offers healing, in a beautiful setting on the banks of the Kennebec.  She, the trees, the water and all other beings, hosted a memorable Reiki Master class some years ago.  You will find sanctuary there — peaceful power and safe space with Tricia.


My deepest thanks to Lindsley, Dede and Tricia for touching my life, and I hope they may also touch yours.





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