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Hayfever quick remedy

May 22, 2014

Suffering from hay fever and allergies?

Want to try something that “can’t hurt, might help”?

Last weekend, I gave a focused Reiki treatment to someone who was sneezing and coughing from the spring pollen in the air, well on her way to a miserable evening.  To both our amazement, the sneezing and coughing stopped, and she gained relief  for at least a couple of days.

The evening afterwards, a Facebook friend was complaining about allergies.  This friend does not know Reiki, but she is highly intuitive and in tune with her mind-body powers.  So, we speculated about what may have been the success factor for the prior day’s allergy relief, and re-imagined it as a visualization.  Amazingly, it worked immediately.

Neat!  Maybe we have another Tommy’s Heart Tap here, I thought.

Here’s what to do, and you don’t need Reiki to do it:

Focus your attention and awareness on that inner part of your nose and throat that is irritated by the pollen, dust, pet hair, whatever it is.  Notice how it feels, the tickling and itching all crunched in a small area.

Pretty awful, huh?

Now, let your imagination make a picture, or a sound, or a feeling, of how that feels.  My Facebook friend and I used a dandelion flower with seeds ready to fly.

Simply let your mind expand that imaginary thing you made.  We let the dandelion seeds blow off and fly away, making the sphere of their existence so much larger.

Allow your nose and throat to live inside that much larger space.  Feel how you no longer clamp down against the itchy feeling — because there is plenty of room for it to live in.

All imagination, just playing in your mind.  Let that point of suffering, just breathe itself out into the infinite universe.  There is plenty of room for everything there.  Peace.

Let me know if and how it works for you, please?

Share your comments here, so others can learn how!



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  1. More recently, an online friend’s migraine was relieved by imagining space opening up underneath her head to receive and relieve the pressure. Amazing and gratifying!

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