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How Reiki helped my diet – part 1

December 1, 2015


During the year after I first learned Reiki, my body became transparent.

For my whole adult life until that time, I had lived in my head. My body was a “black box”. Food in, physical energy and waste out – it was simple. In pain or discomfort? Ignore it if possible, otherwise take a pill.

Then, one day, sometime during my first year practicing Reiki on myself and loved ones, I noticed the darkness was lifting. In my mind’s eye, I could see my inner organs, how they were feeling, and what they were telling me about the food they needed.

I listened and learned, and began to eat far less meat, and many more fruits and vegetables. That made me feel better, every day.

Instead of listening only to my brain, I was letting my body make more of the decisions about what was good to eat. When I went to the store to buy food, I would let my feet take me more often to the produce section. Certain foods seemed to leap off the shelves, such as garlic, onions, and broccoli. I even found I liked kale.

All of this progress came with regular, daily Reiki self-treatment. I had never in my life experienced this before – I was listening to my body and taking pleasure in doing what it asked of me. I wasn’t reading about what was supposed to be good for me, then trying to impose someone else’s ideas on my body; I was just following inner guidance that made me happy because my body felt better.

But there was more to come.

After my Level II attunement and training, I learned a “time-release” treatment technique, published by Bonnie Bercume. As with all new Reiki techniques, I tried it on myself first, and set it for a 7-day duration. I voiced no specific intention other than to experience my best healing.

The first night of the seven days, I had one of my most lucid dreams ever. Highly precognitive, it gave me guidance and strength for years to come.

Midway through the seven days of self-Reiki, I began having rather dramatic digestive troubles. Encouraged by the clarity of the earlier dream, I went to sleep on the seventh night asking sincerely for help. In the wee hours of the morning, I partly awoke hearing a strange language spoken by a half-seen dream figure. After I asked him to tell me in English, the strange language continued for a phrase or two, then he clearly said “lactose intolerant”.

On the phone that day, I asked my doctor, “How would I know if I were lactose intolerant?”.  She replied, “Well, you could go into the hospital for an entire day of expensive tests, or you could just abstain from dairy for a couple of weeks and see how you feel.” My doctor was a pragmatist.

The first morning I poured soy milk in my cereal, my whole being cringed. I had grown up on raw milk, so my expectation was that the soy was going to make me gag.

Instead, with the first spoonful, my taste buds lit up with joy. No more poison! they exulted. Wow!

So, I abstained from dairy, simply because my body was telling me it felt great to go without. During this time, I was also only eating meat once or twice a week. Lots of veggies, grains and fruits went through my system.

At my next physical exam a few months later, the nurse did a double take at the scale, checking and re-checking against my chart. I had lost 25 pounds.

My doctor’s first words on entering the exam room were “Jeffrey, don’t lose any more weight!”

Next time: more gifts from this healing



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