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How Reiki helped my diet – part 2

September 13, 2016


In the last post, I left you with my doctor who was telling me not to lose any more weight. Having found a new balance, I did not lose any more weight. Two great unexpected benefits arrived with this new awareness of diet.

Headache relief

For many years, I had suffered with painful sinus headaches. Every couple of months, I would spend all night sitting up in a chair trying to find sleep through the throbbing. I thought they would go away when I quit smoking some years before I learned Reiki – but sadly, they did not. I had resigned myself to thinking it was simply heredity and I would have to live with them.

A few months after I quit dairy altogether, I noticed an absence – I had not had an all-night headache, nor a headache of any kind. Could it be the dairy?

Well, I know now, and so do many of you – dairy products are inflammatory for most people, and create congestion. Sinus passages easily constrict and create pressure.

Most thankfully, I have avoided sinus headaches ever since then. There are no painkillers in my medicine cabinet.

Deeper meditation

With a diet that worked to reduce inflammation instead of increasing it, my digestion suddenly was much better. I had been used to low level background discomfort all my adult life.

It turned out that, if I sat down in meditation, I was able to sit much more still, with far less restlessness — and thus go deeper into my sitting.

This promotes peace, within me and for others who come in contact with me.


These benefits flowed naturally out of loving self-healing and self-awareness, not from imposing a regimen on myself from the pages of a book or magazine.


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