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Whole Life Tent Schedule, Common Ground Fair 2011, Sept. 23 – 25

I’m going to try and upload my friend Barbara Balkin’s schedule for the Whole Life Tent — holistic talks and healing — at the Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine at the end of this month.  Let’s see how it goes….


FRIDAY  9/23

We are offering Reiki from 10 to 4, Friday through Sunday.  At least two massage tables will be set up, and seated Reiki will be available as well.  Chairs will be available for people awaiting a session  –  or if you’re looking for a relatively quiet place for a “time out”, you are welcome.  The Reiki Tent is located beside/behind the Whole Life Tent.

From 10 to 11 on Friday. Ed Wilkins ( 7 Janelle Street, Apt 2, Lewiston 04340  446-2410 ) will present Living the Energetic Life, which he describes as being “a heartfelt examination of the beauty within each of us.   We will briefly explore some of the aspects of interpersonal energy, and how it is affected by emotions and experience.  We will see how we affect those around us, finally seeing how changing our lives  to a compassionate self-forgiveness, standing at the crossroads of bring anew “us”, to continue the evolution of our spirits.”

From 11 to 1, Barbara Joseph ( 873-1927 ) will speak about Polarity Therapy & Other Vital Wellness Solutions.    She writes:  “Polarity is a comprehensive healing art combining energy-based bodywork, nutrition, polarity yoga and the importance of attitude for healthy living.  It helps resolve limiting energy patterns as it re-establishes the flow of vital energy we often lose to the stress and tensions of daily living.  Current studies agree that stress, environmental toxins and lifestyle are leading causes of disease.  Be introduced to Balanced Living, a Wellness Home, and Vital Wellness Solutions that are scientifically proven to be safe and effective in supporting our body’s ability to recover.  This promises to be an informational, experiential, and interactive presentation.”

From 1 to 2, Doris Stanley and Ray Veilleux ( PO Box 325, Jay 04239

491-0198 energyinsights@gmail.comYou Don’t Know Till You Know:  Energy Medicine  They write:  “Imagine having the tools you need to jumpstart your emotional and physical health, every day.  How about having the energetic tools to fix vertigo without medications, or a way to stop the need for a nap at 1:00 in the afternoon?  We will show everyone how to enhance their life without medication.  ‘You Don’t Know Till You Know!’ ”

From 2 to 3, Fredda Paul, Passamaquoddy, with Leslie Wood,

( 95 Greenwood Street, West Paris 04289  www.kuwesimedicine.infoFollowing Our Oral Tradition with Teaching Stories.  Fredda will be telling stories from the oral tradition of the Passamaquoddy, which will include stories he heard from elders and stories from his own experiences.  These stories include Aputamkon (ah-boo-DAHM-k’n) “sea serpent”, baby muskrat medicine, and the possibility of more, as time allows.

From 3 to 4, Brenda Colfer ( Soundings  690 Maine Avenue, Farmingdale 04344  557-2664 )  is a certified Life Breath

facilitator.  This is a high-level transformational self-help tool that affects us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Brenda will show us how to work with conscious intention along with inner/outer breathing to create a greater sense of overall wellbeing.  



From 10 to 12, Steve Herbert (603-616-7872 ) will discuss and demonstrate how you can Apply Basic Dowsing to Your Life.  He will show us how to dowse ourselves, our homes, classes and workplaces clear and clean energetically.  Steve will also cover agricultural dowsing and dowsing of auras.  This is a hands-on class, and children are welcome  –  they will discover that they’re excellent dowsers.

From 12 to 1, Margaret and Roger Marshall  ( PO Box 639, Corinth 04427  285-7746 ) will present Brain Gym: Move to Improve Productivity,

explaining and leading us through simple movements which change old, ineffective patterns of learning and behavior by developing neurological brain integration.  These easily-learned activities improve listening and reading comprehension, memory and focus.  They are equally helpful to those with dyslexia, ADD, or ADHD.

From 1 to 2, homeopathic doctor Dirk Vandersloot, MD ( Center for Health & Healing  17 Masonic Street, Rockland 04841  596-0991 ) will present Homeopathy, wherein he will speak about the principles and practical application of homeopathy in particular, and his holistic approach to healthcare in general.  Come with your questions  –  Dirk always fascinates and enlightens.

From 2 to 3, psychologist Nancy Coleman (10 Pleasant Street, Topsham 04086  725-8514 ) will discuss EMDR: Trauma, Healing & Beyond.  Nancy has been in practice for over 20 years, where she works with EMDR in the context of her general practice of psychology with adults.  She writes, “EMDR is unquestionably one of the most powerful and effective methods available to us for reprocessing and healing the after-effects of trauma.   Whether the trauma is large or small, recent or long-ago, the EMDR process of moving through resolution has been described as “healing at warp speed”.  Learn about the hows and whys in which EMDR work can help us move beyond traumatic reactivity into states of higher awareness, clarity and joy.”

From 3 to 4, Ray Reitze ( New Beginnings  159 Earthways Road, Canaan 04924  426-8138 ) will speak about The Power of Creation Lives Within You.  He says “Once you understand the power behind thought and energy through the use of the infinity symbol, you finally understand how to truly manifest what you really need in life.  From this place, making miracles is simple.”  (With apologies to Ray:  Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce the infinity symbol here, as it is not at this time available, either to the Whole Life Tent computer or on MOFGA fonts/typefaces.)

SUNDAY, 9/25

From 10 to 11, Terri Sanzenbacher ( Evergreen Healing Center, Bangor

945-4007 ) will present Loving What Is: The Work of Byron Katie. Terri will demonstrate a simple mental exercise which literally changes our perception, and thereby the negative stories we believe about ourselves and about life.

From 11 to 12, Susan Bakaley Marshall and Chris Marshall ( 243 Halldale Road, Montville 04941  589-3063 ) will present The Shamanic Journey for Power & Healing.  Susan writes:  “Through the centuries and around the world, Shamanism has been a common practice for gaining knowledge and healing.  Shamanism is the altering of consciousness to access spiritual realms for the well-being of self, others and the planet.  Aided by drumming techniques, the shaman enters non-ordinary reality, a realm otherwise known mainly through myth and dream.  The shamanic journey offers a way to discover power animals and spirit teachers, obtain knowledge and bring healing.  You’ll learn about methods of core shamanism, which is formed from practices common to many peoples worldwide and does not draw on the spiritual practices of any one people.  You’ll experience the sound of the drum, and we’ll discuss ways shamanic practice offers healing in our contemporary society, including the remedying of partial soul loss through soul retrieval. “   Susan Bakaley Marshall is a board-certified art therapist, licensed clinical professional counselor, and shamanic healing practitioner.  She founded The Thirteenth Moon Art Therapy Healing Center, which offers art therapy, counseling, and shamanic practice.

Chris Marshall is a professor of anthropology.  They have been practicing shamanism for 21 years and have taught basic and advanced classes in shamanism for 15 years.  They have studied directly with traditional masters of early kaballah for many years and experienced Nepali and other shamanic traditions as well.  They are members of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

From 12 to 1, Nan Moss and David Corbin (Weather Shamanism  PO Box 330, Port Clyde 04855  372-8823 ), authors of “Weather Shamanism:  Harmonizing Our Connection with the Elements”,  will speak on Weather Shamanism: Relating with the Spirits of Weather. David writes, “As an expression and force of Nature, weather creates, nurtures, shapes  –  and reconfigures  –  the Earth.  We are all touched by weather as it continually affects our physiological and emotional wellbeing.  We relate to weather through every moment of our lives on this beautiful planet.  As individuals and communities, we can and do collectively exert a real effect upon the weather by our psyches and emotions, and by our sense of connectedness or disconnectedness from the natural world.  The greatest and most important change we can make is to begin to accept a broader worldview:  one that is supportive of an intentional relationship with Nature, a partnership that fosters the reality of an alive and vital Earth.  Many of us feel a strong kinship with and love for the weather.  If this relationship is consciously nurtured and developed in service to create balance and harmony, then we can offer the help and healing that is needed in these uncertain and potent times.”

From 1 to 2, Annie Stillwater Gray (17 Drury Road, Solon 04979  643-2783) will present Meet Your Spirit Guide.  Annie offers a guided meditation which will connect you with your spirit guide.  Annie’s seminars are always well-attended, so “come early to get a good seat”.


From 2 to 3, Whole Life Tent staffperson Tim Dougherty  ( 7 Bowman Street, Farmingdale 04344  680-0176 ) will present Animal Communications, “talking” with your dog, cat, hamster, horse, bird, pig, or cow to find out why they act that way.  Tim advocates for better understanding between people and their animal companions.  Come with your questions and let Tim help you sort it out.  To check on his rather unusual credentials, check Tim out at

From 3 to 4, Tina Munson (Green Fire Feng Shui, PO Box 55, Edgewater NJ 07020  201-310-9739 ) will present Feng Shui Basics.  Tina has family roots in the Waldoboro area, and is happy to return home to Maine and the Common Ground Fair.  She will show us how to use the bagua and how to harmonize the chi of our homes to support the life we desire.  Tina will have handouts:  a diagram of the bagua to aid us in our practice of feng shui, and a beginner’s booklist.

We welcome any comments on past or future Whole Life Tent presentations you may wish to make.  If you have ideas of what you’d wish to see in the 2012 Whole Life Tent, by all means, let us know.  We usually meet and make our decisions in January, so please don’t put it off.  Thank you.

2011 Whole Life Tent Planning Team:

Barbara Balkin in Bath  442 – 7744

Dan Belanger in Arundel  313 – 0396

Tim Dougherty in Farmingdale  680 – 0176

Diana Stewart in Plymouth  257 – 3652

Ed Wilkins in Lewiston  446 – 2410



…Jeffrey Hotchkiss, Reiki Master Teacher in the Portland, Maine, USA area.  I’m using this blog to learn whether WordPress is right for what I want to do.